Easy Ways to Maintain Your Computer Keyboard

Easy Ways to Maintain Your Computer Keyboard

Last Updated on March 24, 2024 by Darron Dennis

If you’re reading this article, then I suspect you’re looking for the best ways to maintain your computer keyboard. No dought, the keyboard is one of the most important input peripherals of a computer. You wouldn’t have been able to read this article if I don’t take care of my keyboard!

Apart from just cleaning the surface of the computer keyboard which most of us do, there are other ways to maintain your computer keyboard so they can last longer. Talking about computer keyboards, you should have in mind this includes laptop keyboard, desktop keyboard, wireless keyboards, and even gaming keyboards.

Moving forward, there’re easy ways to maintain your keyboards some of which includes proper wire arrangement ( for those using a wired keyboard), avoiding liquid content near your computer, cleaning the surface and others which will be dealt with as we move on.

So, if you want your computer keyboard to last longer than expected, without wasting much time, let me share with you my easy ways to maintain your computer keyboards.

1. Proper Wire Management

Ways to Maintain Your Computer Keyboard

A wire is the most delicate piece of the console which got harmed regularly. Abstain from twisting it. Try not to put anything substantial on it to maintain a strategic distance from pressure, which can cause cuts or breakage. Wrinkled cables can likewise bring about spelling errors. Guarantee to fix the connectors appropriately.

2. Avoid Liquid Contents Near the Computer

Ways to Maintain Your Computer Keyboard

Spilling of fluids is extremely destructive. It can harm your keyboard’s inward circuit or can cause the failure of the keyboard.

3. Avoid Eating While Sitting on the Keyboard

Try not to eat while sitting close to the keyboard. When you do as such, little bits of your nourishment can fall and enter inside the circuit, which can bring about ceasing at least one keys from working. Additionally, bugs can be welcomed by you unconsciously, which in some cases choose to dwell in your console in the event that you give them nourishment so regularly.

Additionally, when you type with sticky or sleek hand, it winds up in finger slipping. Likewise, the lubricants can cause the printed characters on the keyboard to be wiped off. So for best practice on maintaining your keyboard, always keep your hands dry and avoid eating close to your keyboard.

4. Avoid Hitting the Keyboard Too Hard

Attempt to press the keys as delicate as possible. It helps in the long existence of keys and characters printed upon them. Fundamentally, this sort of composing is well known as contact composing. It causes you a ton to build your speed moreover.

5. Cover After Use

Ways to Maintain Your Computer Keyboard

Cover it to keep away from residue particles. Dust particles can hurt the circuit under the keys, which results in non-working of at least one keys. I prescribe utilizing dust-verification spreads like poly-covers, cardboard-covers, and so forth., maintaining a strategic distance from fabric covers since garments have pores (miniaturized scale openings) inside them, which are once in a while unfit to stop smaller-scale dust.

6. Clean the Surface Properly

Utilize a lint-free fabric to keep away from scratches on your keyboard. Likewise, you can utilize a vacuum cleaner, air blower or 90% isopropyl liquor, which is effectively accessible on every restorative store. Be that as it may, never use ethyl based liquor; it can hurt your keyboard just like other parts of the PC. I use earbuds with dunked edges in petroleum to expel difficult residue from inward corners and from space between the keys, for my workstation’s keypad just as for my work area’s keyboard. It is sheltered, least expensive and effectively accessible material. Nowadays, USB based little and exceptional vacuum cleaners for keyboards are accessible, in the event that you can oversee them, at that point it is more than great.

7. Care for Batteries

In the event that you are utilizing a wireless keyboard, at that point deal with your batteries. Attempt to utilize rechargeable batteries. Must guarantee to clean the space for batteries when you are supplanting them.

At long last, stay away from fluids, residue, eatables, and sleek hands. Spread it appropriately after use. service them at normal interims. You can utilize any of previously mentioned technique to clean it just as other few of choices are accessible. Thus, let the keyboard live long.

To expel the keycap from a keyboard, place your fingernail, small level head screwdriver, or blade under a side of the key and tenderly pry the keycap far up into the clouds from the PC. By and large, the key just snaps out somewhat.
In the event that a little vacuum cleaner with a brush connection is accessible, use it to clean the keyboard of garbage. A jar of compacted air can be utilized to remove particles that get in the middle of the keys. In the event that you wish to utilize liquid cleaners, utilize Diluted Isopropyl liquor on a piece of fabric is the best for expelling oils and grease.
Indeed, a computer keyboard can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Notwithstanding, we are unconscious of any maker that prescribes this strategy as the way to clean the keyboard. If you’re utilizing a wireless keyboard, make sure to evacuate the batteries. On the off chance that your dishwasher has numerous settings, ensure it’s a wash as it were.
A wired keyboard means there is a wire associating your keyboard to your PC. In the event that you are searching for something smooth, you should seriously mull over a wireless keyboard. A wireless keyboard works simply like a wireless mouse, you plug a collector into one of the USB ports on your PC.
Clean workstation keys that you have expelled with a microfiber fabric or cotton swab soaked with scouring liquor. After you clean the keyboard keys, clean under the console keys and enable the territories to dry. You can then just pop the keys back into spot and they should work ordinarily without staying.