Best Computer Glasses Of of 2022

Best Computer Glasses Of of 2022

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The rate at which people spend time on their laptops and phone screens these days is alarming, and unfortunately, it’s not getting any better, because most jobs these days require you to spend time on your computer screen. This time you spend on your computers and phones affects your eyes, because of the light emitted from these screens, and in no time, you develop eye problems. The way out of this is to resort to screen glasses.

Every modern workplace is full of computers and digital devices. Case in point, you’re reading this article on a phone or a computer right now. At work or even at home most of us could not live without our devices but they also cause us a lot of stress as well.

Who hasn’t dreamed of chucking their computer out in the street when you lose an important document or the screen freezes in the middle of an important video call?

The symptoms that come from so much time spent on the computer or phone screens are enormous, ranging from dry eyes, sore or irritated eyes, and difficulty focusing. Almost all visible blue light passes through the cornea and lens and reaches the retina. This light may affect vision and could prematurely age the eyes. Did you know devices can cause stress to our eyes as well?


Computer glasses with yellow-tinted lenses that block blue light can help ease computer digital eye strain by increasing contrast. Also, Computer reading glasses are specially made to help reduce eye strain. They have an anti-reflective coating to help reduce glare and a tint that helps increase contrast for easier viewing. For those of us who already wear glasses, prescription computer glasses are also available.

Without computer eyeglasses, many computer users often end up with a blurred vision, eye strain, and headaches — the hallmark symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Worse still, many people try to compensate for their blurred vision by leaning forward, or by tipping their head to look through the bottom portion of their glasses. Both of these actions can result in a sore neck, sore shoulders, and a sore back.

Computer glasses differ from regular eyeglasses or reading glasses in several ways to optimize your eyesight when viewing your computer screen.

Computer glasses also should accurately correct any astigmatism you might have, and precise measurements should be taken to ensure the optical center of each lens is directly in front of your pupils when you are using your preferred working distance.

For these reasons, computer glasses should be customized to your individual needs. Using weaker, non-prescription reading glasses for computer work and seeing your digital devices typically won’t provide the accurate vision correction you need for sustained clarity and comfort


Consumers Guide To Buying Glasses About Frames:

Frame pricing is consistent throughout the industry. Almost all optical retailers mark up frames along with similar guidelines. It is common to find identical frames selling within a few dollars of each other in local markets. Unless the frame is unique to a very small vendor, chances are excellent that at least one other shop in town is selling the same frame. A little price comparison is always a good idea.

Frames are made by the millions, in huge factories located all over the globe. They are rarely hand-crafted in the back room at the shop.

We all want to look good! Eyewear today is fashion-driven!

So, rule number one is: You will pay more for a frame with a designer name. Frame manufacturers spend millions of dollars buying the rights to put designer names on their frame lines. They have to recoup that cost somewhere, so the higher the brand recognition is, the higher the cost will be. Stores will also charge a premium for exclusive brands, styles, and the latest fashion trends in eyewear.

That leads us to rule number two: Designer frames look better than non-designer frames. Do not kid yourself. The frame companies know how to manipulate style. The best-looking shapes, styles, and colors are combined in the higher-cost designer lines.

Now on to rule number three: Just because a frame has a designer name does not mean it is a better product. In fact, it was most likely made on the very same assembly line and from the very same materials as the company’s house brand. Heck, it is even possible that a no-name or more generic brand name may be of higher quality than the fancy big-name designer line.

When you buy a frame, think about how and when you will wear it. If you wear your contact lenses 99% of the time, then buy a house-brand frame, and save your money. Does it really matter what your bedside readers look like? Do you need a designer frame for your computer glasses?

To see how a frame should fit and how a frame should NOT fit see the Consumers Guide To Buying Glasses Frame Fit Photo Gallery

Consumers Guide To Buying Glasses About Lenses:

Know that almost all lenses are made at huge factories or ground to order at places called wholesale optical labs, not behind the wall in your local optical shop. The fanciest and most expensive store in town may well be using the same optical lab as the discount place on the corner. Lenses may be ground to fit a frame in a shop, but rarely ground to fill an individual prescription.

Unlike frames, lens pricing is very inconsistent throughout the industry. Almost all optical retailers will mark up lenses to what the local market will bear. Of course, there are exceptions, and it is up to you to shop around and be sure you are not overpaying for a specific lens.

Single vision lenses: Single vision lenses are pretty basic stuff. If you have a low prescription or wear your contact lenses most of the time, then just about any lens will do, yes even those bought online. If you have a higher prescription and wear your glasses all the time, then you will want to consider aspheric designs, non-glare coatings, and high-index materials (see below).

Lined multi-focal lenses: Lined bifocals and lined trifocals, the lenses with the “half-moon” segment, really have not changed much in the last twenty years. You will probably get what you had before and be pretty happy with them. They are also an excellent alternative to costly and compromised progressive lenses.


Warby Parker Blue Light-Filtering Glasses


  • A very very slight zoom when glasses are on vs off (is that normal for glasses?)
  • Reduced glare from the screens
  • No distinct color change (blue-light apps have a much noticeable difference compared to this lens)


Eyekeeper Vintage Ready-Made Reading Glasses



  • includes a microfiber cloth and hard zipper case. Classic-shaped frames, look good on any face. Spring-hinged temples, help glasses fit your face
  • Top-quality plastic frame, lenses and have spring-loaded hinges
CessBlu Metal Frame Computer Reading Glasses


  • metal frame
  • plastic lens
  • non-polarized
  • Lens width: 54 millimeters
  • Lens height: 33 millimeters
  • Bridge: 16 millimeters
  • Arm: 135 millimeters


CessBlu Reading Glasses for the Computer


  • Acetate frame
  • plastic lens
  • non-polarized
  • Lens width: 52 millimeters
  • Lens height: 32 millimeters
  •  Arm: 130 millimeters
Cyxus Anti Blue computer glasses


  • Available in tortoise color
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Semi-rimless shape
  • The lenses are made of high-quality glass optic fiber.
Gamma Ray Optics Computer Glasses


  • Ultra-lightweight and flexible TR90 nylon frame material for durability and comfortable long-term wear.
  • Casual frame design keeps you looking professional and stylish while working or playing video games.
  • Unisex
Trust Optics Video Gaming Glasses



  • Relieves Visual Discomfort – Amber tinted lens technology alleviates visual stress by reducing the amount of harmful, glare, ultraviolet, and blue light from viewing electronic devices and monitor screens.
  • Advanced Material – Flexible and lightweight TR90 frame material allows for extended use as reading glasses in front of all electronic devices
  • Carrying Case – Free case and cloth included with your purchase
  • 2 Year Warranty – Contact the seller for warranty claims on frame and lens breakage
J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading Glasses


  • Dimensions: Frame width: 136mm. Temples length: 137 mm. Bridge gap: 20mm.
  • The frame is made of high-quality hybrid plastic.
  • Zero magnification.
  • Comes with 30 days warranty.
Truvision Anti-reflective Computer Reading Glasses (2 Pack)


  • Features Dura-Tight screws and ultra-durable Sure-Flex comfort spring arms
  • Dimensions:
    Lens width 2.25 inches
    Lens height 1.25 inches
    Temple 5.35 inches
    Total width 5.35 inches
    Bridge distance 0.75 inches
  • The package also includes two multipurpose microfiber cleaning bags that also act as cleaning cloth
HyperX Gaming Eyewear



  • Crystal clear lenses designed for superior blue light protection
  • Lenses made of MR-8™ material cause minimal color distortion
  • Signature HyperX comfort and durability
  • Versatile, stylish design with convenient hardshell case



Warby Parker Blue Light-Filtering Glasses


If you own a smartphone, chances are you’re eyes are glued to your screen for more than 3 hours per day.  Protect your eyes from blue light with Warby Parker‘s insanely stylish frames and infinite lens options. That’s why blue-light glasses have been a lifesaver. Wearing blue light filtering lenses helps keep harmful blue light out to keep your eyes healthy.

If you get headaches, sore-eyes, trouble sleeping from working on computers for long hours, picking up a pair of these glasses will filter out harmful blue light and have you sleeping like a baby. Protect your eyes in style with Warby Parker’s blue light filtering glasses.

  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Super-hydrophobic coating to repel moisture and help prevent smudging
  • Anti-reflective coating to ease eye strain cause by reflections and eliminates glare from lenses in photos
  • UV protection to block 100% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Only available as prescriptive lenses
  • Hefty up-charge for blue light blocking capabilities

Eyekeeper Vintage Ready-Made Reading Glasses


The Eyekepper glasses have five layers of protection, are anti-reflective, anti-glare, and even have UV protection. Their classic shape is pretty universally flattering, and the tortoiseshell design I got is true to the image online. You don’t have to wear prescription eyeglasses so I’m not used to having something always on my face, but the plastic makes them light enough to go unnoticed most of the time.

After almost a year of using them that they’re a good contestant for the best workplace purchase ever made. It has instantaneous effects on the eye.


  • Almost instantaneous effects
  • Light weight
  • Protects eyes from blue lights
  • Eyekepper mens reading glasses-included a microfiber cloth and hard zipper case.
  • Classic-shaped frames look good on any face.
  • Spring-hinged temples help glasses fit your face
  • product design defect.
  • The frames will break in two at the lower right corner and the lenses will fall out.

CessBlu Metal Frame Computer Reading Glasses


 Presently I would like to generate much more details about Anti Blue Rays UV Protection,Ladies Reduce Eyestrain Computer Reading Glasses(Black) +0.75. The product Anti Blue Rays UV Protection,Ladies Reduce Eyestrain Computer Reading Glasses(Black) +0.75, it is made by CessBlu company. To avoid damage, never clean your eyeglasses with paper towels or clothing or alcohol, and also avoid using household detergents or soaps. While a few mild soaps don’t harm lenses, today’s extra strength soaps are powerful enough to slowly disintegrate lens coatings.

  • REDUCE EYESTRAIN – Get rid of tired eyes, eye strain, headaches, and migraines as well as protecting your eyes from long term damage.
  • MODERN DESIGN- Stylish, modern, trendy cat-eye design with a high-quality frame. We cannot imagine the reason why you don’t choose us.
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE – You can return the defective products for repairing or exchanging for free at any time without any question [Kindly Notice] not including man-made damage.
  • Not so durable
  • Plastic lens

CessBlu Reading Glasses for the Computer


Anti glare lens coating prevents insomnia and macular degeneration. Low blue light glasses provide computer eye strain relief & alleviate dry eyes when using your T.V., smartphone, tablet, or PC gamer equipment.

  • Great easy way to protect your eyes.
  • Comes with a cleaning pad and case.
  • So small
  • lenses are awful as the blue light reflects onto ones eyes

Cyxus Anti Blue computer glasses


First, the design of the glasses is a classic, vintage, round frame which is also the latest trend in the fashion industry.

The lenses are yellow tinted and can effectively block or deflect 99% of harmful blue light. The Cyxus Computer Glasses are specifically made for protecting eyes from harmful blue and UV lights. These glasses are capable of blocking 99% of the harmful rays from LED screens because of their yellow tint.

The product is a perfect fit for gamers, nighttime smartphone users, and workaholics who spend hours in front of the digital screen.

It is super light and extremely comfortable to wear. The design looks good on both men and women. The tortoise color and print on the plastic frame also add to its unique style. Unlike some other glasses, the lenses have no magnification power.

  • It helps you get restful sleep
  • Protects your eyes from sunlight damage and UV blue rays
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Unisex design
  • Very light in weight
  • Relieves eye strain, headaches, and dry eyes
  • The vintage design with round glasses is considered too old to some.

Gamma Ray Optics Computer Glasses


People rave about these glasses from Gamma Ray Optics. They’re made of plastic—both the frames and the lenses—so they’re durable and flexible, and they come with a lifetime breakage warranty. They’re also lightweight (weighing in at just 22 grams) for a comfortable fit. They feature amber lenses and come in a variety of magnification choices from 0.00x–2.00x.

Customers find that these glasses significantly reduce eye strain, and many notice a reduction in itchiness, dryness, and other symptoms that come with staring at a screen for long periods of time. Overall, these glasses get high marks for their good looks, quality make, and great value.

  • Really affordable price
  • Clear sizing process
  • Quality & durable material – from frame to lenses
  • Ability to reduce the blue light hazard
  • Comfort even during prolonged use
  • Fit all face shapes
  • Includes accessories & 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Lenses are slightly tinted which might not be everyone’s preferred option

Trust Optics Video Gaming Glasses


Trust Optics has been a rising developer of high-quality computer glasses. One version that they offer is the Trust Optics FeatherView Classic Style Video Gaming Glasses. Trust Optics FeatherView Computer glasses aim to help in protecting the eyes from all harmful radiations that you are exposed to while working or playing in front of digital screens. The glasses reduce the percentage of harsh wavelengths entering the eyes by blocking them at the lens surface.

Most of the harmful wavelengths are deflected back to the atmosphere while other safe rays are allowed to pass. Deflecting these dangerous radiations result in a significant reduction of all eye problems like dry, red eyes, watery eyes or mild headaches.

  • Sturdy and Classic Frames
  • Relieves Eye Strain
  • Affordable
  • Increases Focus on the Screen
  • Includes Case and Cleaning Cloth
  • Cleaning the Lenses May Take Some Time
  • Tint May Be Unusual at First

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading Glasses


Do you find yourself with eye strain or other vision problems? This may come from spending hours in front of a computer crunching numbers or simply playing games. This goes for professional writers and students as well that may face various eye-related ailments due to the nature of their work. S o, should you kiss your screens goodbye? Absolutely not! The manufacturers at J+S have come up with a brilliant solution called the J+S Vision Blue Light Shield.


  • Blocks 90% of all high-intensity blue light as well as UV rays.
  • Ensures minimal color distortion.
  • Available in several frame styles and colors.
  • Classic design, suitable for all genders.
  • Comfortable and durable frame.
  • 1-year warranty as well as 30-day money back guarantee.
  • No magnification
  • Can’t wear reading glasses underneath
  • A dorky design

Truvision Anti-reflective Computer Reading Glasses


TruVision Black Computer Glasses are simple in design but stylish. Available in black color, the unisex design looks perfect on you no matter if you are a man or woman. It is also made of high-quality plastic. The design is also perfect and addresses all issues with common glasses like wobbly screws, poor-quality temples, and flimsy springs.



  • Come in a pack of two to keep one at home and one at the workplace
  • Unisex
  • Come with a six months warranty
  • The use of Sure-Flex comfort spring arms makes it durable as well as comfortable.
  • Effectively block harmful UV and blue light from computer screen
  • Relieve mild headaches, dry red eyes, and eye irritations
  • Available only in one size

HyperX Gaming Eyewear


Various features that can be found in computer glasses include anti-reflective coated lenses and even colored tinting. In the case of HyperX, we have a “crystal clear lens” design with blue light protection in mind. That’s the important part, which is the major factor in shielding the eyes. Prolonged exposure to blue light can have a harmful impact on the retina, which is responsible for converting light rays into impulses that head to the brain. As an added bonus, there’s also a coating to repel water, oil, and dust. This may not sound like such a big deal, but when such particles hit the lens, it can cause issues with vision. The last thing you want to have is the task of wiping lenses every hour.

  • Video on Amazon product page shows blue light being reflected from lens, meaning the blue light does not penetrate the lens. Light weight.
  • Clear lens.
  • No eye pain in either eye.
  • Expensive,
  • frame is small,
  • no lens cleaner wipe,
  • underbelly of frame is red,
  • tend to slide down nose, will need to purchase frame strap to reduce frames from sliding,
  • no nose hinges



Telling you to stop looking at your computer or phone screen is an almost impossible task, however, you can still continue looking at those screens, but protect you eyes from the light rays, the best way is to resort to using a computer glass. there are so many that will look good on you. Get a computer glass today.