Best Bread Toasters Of of January 2021

Best Bread Toasters Of of January 2021

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If you want to get that bread toaster that always gives bread that crisp, and golden brown colour, then you are at the right place. We are here to guide you through the steps of acquiring the most suitable bread toaster for you.

Having said that, the process of picking the best toaster is always a hassle. And the main reason for this is the fact the market is flooding with toaster models, all claiming to be the best of the best. Worst yet, most people run into the marketplace without even first understanding the basics of a toaster and how it works.

A toaster is an electric small appliance designed to expose various types of sliced bread to radiant heat, browning the bread so it becomes toast. Toasting is a common method of making stale bread more palatable.

Or rather, it is defined simply, a toaster is a user-friendly and simple kitchen appliance you can use to lightly cook and toast bread slices so they become crispier, darker, and tastier. When using these appliances, you will need to adjust the tool’s knob in order to choose how dark you would like your bread slices to be toasted.

After that, you will slide your bread slices into the toasting slots and then press the lever on the front side of your appliance so the toasting procedure can begin. In the next section, we will clearly look at a step by step guide on how to use a toaster.

But as a general rule of thumb, always keep your nose open as you use your toaster to ensure it is not burning

How to work a toaster

There are different types of toasters out there, all with different features that make their usage procedures unique. That said, this section of the post will touch on general procedures that one will go through when using a standard toaster.

  1. Put a slice of bread into each slot on the toaster

f you wish, you can toast just a single slice on a multiple-slots toaster, in which case, you will only need to choose one slot and place your bread slice in. if you are dealing with a single slot toaster with a long slot, then it can probably fit two bread slices.

In addition, the direction in which you decide to place your slices into the appliance does not matter, but the most natural way is to insert the bottom first.

  1. Set the toasting level

After step number one it is time for the toaster settings. Use the adjustment knob on the front side of your toaster and choose how dark you would like the toast to be. On most toasters, there are multiple toasting levels, from number one being the lightest setting to the highest setting being the darkest.

If it is your first time using a toaster, I urge you to pick between the 2nd and 3rd setting. This way, your bread slices will be toasted medially, and in case the darkness does not entice you, you can toast it again.

You will realize that other toasters also include different settings such as bagels, toast, and waffles. In such cases, simply pick the settings that best matches whichever meal you are preparing.

  1. Press the lever downwards to begin the toasting process

Give the slices sufficient time to toast. During this procedure, it is also crucial that you keep your nose open to smell for burning. The toasting procedure shouldn’t take longer than a minute or two, depending on how dark you would like the toast to be.

Even though most toaster will be timed and will pop the bread slices up automatically, I urge you to ensure you never leave your toaster unattended. This way, in case the bread slices begin to burn, you can quickly pop them out manually.

If you need to pop up the bread slice manually, simply hold the top side corner of your toaster down while you lift the lever up. However, I only urge you to do this if you notice the bread slices are starting to burn.

  1. Remove the food

You’re are done toasting your meal. When the lever automatically pops up, it indicates that the toasting procedure is over. Use your hand and take out the toasts. You can also use wood tongs, but since the bread slices are nicely raised, you won’t need to worry about burning your fingers.

For your own safety, ensure you do not use anything metal to retrieve the toasts. You may electrocute yourself.


Going back to basics, you can usually choose between a two or a four-slot toaster, although three slots do exist, such as the Dualit Vario 3 Slot Toaster. Both types can also be designed as a long slot, where the bread sits side by side in the slot(s), giving you more space to toast awkward customers, such as paninis or baguettes. While it may seem like a small difference, the type of toaster you buy can make a huge difference to your morning routine.

If you’re feeding a family, then a four-slice might be the one for you, but if your short on counter space, then a two-slot may be the better option.

Types of Toasters

There are two main types of toasters you’ll come across in your search, each of them available in different size options.

Pop-Up Toasters

Often these are just referred to as “toasters” without any qualifier. When someone says the word, this is likely what you picture: a small appliance in your kitchen that has either two or four slots on the top that you drop your bread (or bagel or English muffin) into, press down on a lever, and the toast pops up when it’s ready.

Pop-up toasters come in 2-slice and 4-slice varieties and are specifically designed for toasting. Some of them work best if you plan to stick with bread that comes in standard sizes, while others offer wider slots that do a better job of accommodating other pastries, such as bagels or Texas toast.

They’re affordable, easy to use and can be found pretty much anywhere. The fact that they’re designed specifically for this one purpose means that the process of making toast is simpler with a pop-up toaster than it is with any other method.

Countertop Toaster Oven

Countertop toaster ovens are good for making toast but can be used for a number of other types of cooking besides. Some people buy them to use as an alternative or replacement for a standard oven, which uses more electricity and takes more time to cook with.

While you can find 4-slice countertop toaster ovens that are compact and take up less space on your counter, you can also find larger models that can make six or nine slices of toast at one time. If your family is large and has a healthy appetite, a countertop unit that can make enough toast for the whole family at once will make your mornings easier.

Typically, countertop ovens will cost a little more than pop-up toasters, as they provide a wide array of uses beyond just making toast. In fact, many countertop ovens will often include features that go far beyond just toast, including make pizzas, bake cookies, and some even come with a rotisserie function. If you just want something that makes toast, these are probably overkilleded.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Toaster

Even in the market of pop-up toasters – which are designed to perform one simple task –the range of options is significant. To find the best toaster for your needs, here are the main factors to consider in your search.


In considering the ideal size of your toaster, you’ve got three questions to consider:

  1. How many slices do you need to be able to toast at once?
  2. How big do you want the slots to be?
  3. How much counter space do you have available for a toaster?

You’ll quickly notice that toasters tend to have the answer to the first question in their product name, or at least high up in the product description. You’ll find 2-slice and 4-slice pop-up toasters, and countertop toaster ovens that range from four slices to nine.

The second question only applies to pop-up toasters but is an important consideration if you go that route. If you ever want to make something larger than the typical size of a bread slice, then you need to find a model that provides large enough slots. A toaster with larger slots can add items like bagels, English muffins, and Texas toast to the list of possibilities you can use your toaster for.

The final question must be asked for all new appliances, especially those you plan to add to a kitchen with limited countertop space. Just where are you going to put it? Pop-up toasters tend to be pretty small and compact in size, so they don’t claim too much counter space.

Countertop ovens come in a wide range of sizes. On the one hand, a larger countertop oven will be more useful for things like making pizzas or a batch of cookies, but that comes with the trade-off of taking up a lot of counter space. You’ll have to figure out the balance between what you want to be able to do with your countertop oven and how much space you have available in your kitchen.


A pop-up toaster can range from $20 to over $100 based on the brand and model you go with. Countertop toaster ovens start at a higher price point, usually falling somewhere in the $50-$300 range. In both cases, the price range you’ll find between different models is surprisingly large.

There are a few factors that tend to account for the difference in price. With pop-up toasters, you can find very simple bare-bones models that do the job of making toast just fine, but are made with cheaper materials and may not last you that long. On the other end of the spectrum, you can find models with lots of different features and settings options that some users may appreciate, but many won’t need.

As with most things, most customers will want to find something in the middle: a toaster that’s made to last a reasonably long time and does the job of making toast well.

With countertop ovens, there’s an even wider range of different features available. Many models use convection cooking, which is fast and popular with many home chefs. Countertop toaster ovens that can fit more or have more settings for people to use will usually cost more than those that are smaller or simpler.


The main thing you need to figure out to identify the best toaster for you is what you want to use it for. If your needs are simple: you expect to only use it to make toast using standard-sized slices of bread, then you can go with just about any toaster and likely be fine (unless you’re picky about how evenly your bread gets toasted – then you may want to avoid some of the toasters on the cheaper end of the spectrum).

If you only want to use your toaster for toasting things, but the list of things you have in mind extends to bagels, English muffins, waffles, different types of pastries, and pop tarts, then you need to have that list in mind when you start your search so you can make sure you choose a model that has big enough slots and the right settings to satisfy all your needs.

If you feel like giving up counter space and money for an appliance that only does one thing is a waste and you’d really like something that functions more like an extra, mini-oven, then a countertop toaster that can still make toast, but also be used for a long list of other food types makes the most sense.


  1. Retro Small Toaster
  2. Toaster 2 Slice Warming Rack
  3. 2 Slice Toaster Retro
  4. Bonsenkitchen 2 Slice Red Toaster
  5. Compact Bread Toaster
Retro Small Toaster


  • Durability
  • Ease of use and cleaning
  • A great design
  • Basic toasting modes
  • Versatility
  • Sturdiness
Toaster 2 Slice Warming Rack


  • that facilitates extraction of small items in the bread carriage
  • defrost, reheat, Toasten. Built in sandwiches cap
  • Removable crumb drawer.
  • Cable Reel at the base
2 Slice Toaster Retro


  • countdown timer,
  • variable browning control
Bonsenkitchen 2 Slice Red Toaster


  • include the cancel,
  • defrost,
  • reheat
  • Stainless Steel
Compact Bread Toaster


  • a sleek blue appearance.
  • Simple controls
  • Thermostat Controlled Plates

Retro Small Toaster


Making crispy and delicious breakfast favorite would become easier for you when you bring home the Keemo Retro Small Toaster. This compact size stainless steel 2-slice toaster is designed with retro style finish and features sleek blue appearance. With simple controls and settings, toasting would a breeze for you and its 6 different shades make it easier for you to choose the lightest or darkest shades with ease.

Along with retro look and finish, it has advanced toasting features and three toasting options including defrost, bagel and cancel. So, whether you want to prepare cheese bagel or sandwich, you can heavily rely on this toaster as it gives you crispy results with evenly toasting slices every time. Cleaning is easy enough as the toaster comes with removable crumb tray which collects all crumbs while toasting and disposing the crumbs become easier because the tray is removable. The toaster also comprises of cord wrap storage which is located under the toaster.

  • Very powerful for its size;
  • Can prepare a wide array of meals; Cord
  • Too small for some people
  • The section in between the slots gets excessively hot

Toaster 2 Slice Warming Rack


This toaster also retails with 3 basic functions, namely, defrost, bagel, and cancel indicator. All these will come in handy during your operations. The bagel function ensures that the tool only toasts the cut side of the bagel in a way that the outside will be crusty, but the inside remains soft. The cancel button will come in handy when you want to cancel the entire toasting process right away while the tool is operating.

  • Aesthetic
  • Easy to use
  • Includes a removable crumb tray that keeps the kitchen tidy while at the same time making it easy to clean the appliance
  • Nice build
  • Very durable
  • Not from a reputable brand
  • Some parts are plastic

2 Slice Toaster Retro


It boasts several control buttons at the bottom as well as a simple stainless-steel enclosure covered in chrome accents. At the bottom, this model also includes a removable crumb tray that also makes it easy to clean.

It is also fairly compact since it’s a two-slice model, which ensures it does not take too much space on your kitchen counter.

  • A compact design that saves space
  • Better and improved compared to its preceding version
  • The two slots are wide enough to fit English muffins, bagels, artisan bread slices, and more
  • Includes five different browning levels
  • Comes with a removable crumb tray
  • Boasts the advantage of simplicity
  • The plastic emblems came off after a time
  • The handle is not made strong enough

Bonsenkitchen 2 Slice Red Toaster


This was one of the few toasters in this enumeration that was able to turn out more than five matching batches of toasties one after the other. When you are making small meals such as English muffins, ensure you remember to use the lever to raise it above the hot slots, so you do not burn your fingers.

It’s defrosting, bagel, and keep warm buttons are also very nicely marked to ensure they are easy to select.

  • Comes with the cancel, defrost, and bagel function
  • Retractable Cord
  • Also includes a warm mode that’ll keep the toast in until you’re ready
  • Easy to clean
  • User-friendly
  • The cord is a bit too long

Compact Bread Toaster


The list of functionalities NOVETE 2 Slice Toaster delivers is endless. First, this toaster retails with extra-wide slots that allow you to toast bread slices of your preference regardless of their sizes and shape. During my testing sessions, I used meals such as French toasts, homemade bread slices, bagels, and muffins: and they all fit in perfectly.

Ensure that you place and center your meals in the proper toasting position while using the appliance. This toaster ensures even toasting on both sides of your slices

  • Cancel, reheat, and defrost functions included
  • Quality and safety guaranteed
  • Offers seven shade settings
  • Comes with extra-wide slots
  • Has a handy cord wrap and a removable crumb tray
  • Space saving
  • Not easy to find replacement parts
  • The cord was a bit too short


We have come to the end of this review, hoping you already made a mind note on the most suitable for you.i assure you will get the value of your money