Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a New Driver

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a New Driver

Last Updated on March 24, 2024 by Darron Dennis

Drivers are one of the most expensive equipment in golf and so, it’s important you take caution before buying. So, if you’re thinking of buying new golf drivers, we’ve got some important things you need to keep in mind before buying.


Drivers have made some amazing progress since it was first made, hand-cut wooden stick (otherwise called the golf club) was created in Scotland during the 1400s. These sticks were utilized to play a game that everybody presently knows as golf (regardless of whether the Scotts embraced the game from the Dutch, Chinese or different societies has been an on-going discussion for quite a long time).

Drivers were initially known as “long noses.” Today, drivers are a piece of a group of clubs alluded to as “woods”, and are intended for long-distance shots off the tee to accomplish most extreme outcomes on the course. Throughout the hundreds of years, Golf technology has gotten further developed and promptly moderate to the general customer.

The riches behind the golf business joined with progressions in golf hardware (clubs and balls), and a drive to be the best, have supported challenge among golf producers and affected the kinds of gear we play with today. A portion of the more seasoned, progressively new golf clubs has since become out of date, while more current ones have hopped to the cutting edge of the business.

Current innovation has made golf hardware lighter, quicker, and definitely more exact than in the times of yesteryear, where all it took to fill your golf pack were a couple of not too bad sticks of wood, a sharp shaving blade, and some time. Clubs have additionally improved even from the persimmon wood or steel utilized only a couple of decades back.


The present-day new drivers (otherwise called a 1-wood) are regularly made with a titanium head and plume light graphite shaft. You will likewise locate that most woods accompany a composite or steelhead. The driver, which is the biggest of the forested areas, is intended to be sufficiently light to advance swing speed while additionally give enough weight to thump the ball a decent separation down the fairway.

Fairway woods will, in general, have shorter shafts and littler clubheads than drivers do. While they are not ready to convey very as a lot of separation as a driver, they improve precision. Hybrids are a cross between a new golf iron and a wood, with the focal point of gravity situated towards the front of the head in contrast with drivers and fairway woods. Half breeds are useful for different course circumstances since they convey the most exactness regardless of whether they convey a minimal measure of distance.


Devoted golf players may find that they have to move up to another driver as their swing advances. Whatever your ability level, in any case, it is critical to discover a driver that functions admirably with your swing and remedies peculiarities and keep you on a plane.

A proficient golf teacher or a professional shop orderly can break down your swing and recommend which parts will probably suit you best. You can likewise try different things with different rental clubs or evaluate your companions’ clubs until you know precisely where you might want to contribute your cash. Whatever your expertise level, a club intended to address your swing propensities will consistently improve your game. You don’t need to be a genius to profit by a custom club fitting.

On the off chance that you have the money and the assurance to play as a lot of golf as you can, attempt to put resources into the best hardware you can manage.


The biggest driver head endorsed by the USGA tips the scales at 460cc (club heads are estimated by volume) and the littler ones are 440cc or 420cc. The 460cc club heads have bigger countenances, and the weight is intended to fall into the lower back part of the clubhead. This plan has been demonstrated to build force and help dispatch the ball into the air, making more ball speed.

Huge clubheads are likewise the most sympathetic, having a bigger sweet spot than littler club heads – and are, thusly, a great decision for beginner and less-gifted players. Smaller club heads have less weight around the border so as to make an increasingly predictable ball dispatch. Gifted players regularly lean toward smaller club sets out toward expanded mobility.


Drivers are structured with both square club heads and round club heads. From an unadulterated presentation point of view, it is significant that you pick a driver that you feel most great swinging. A round driver is a simpler alternative for amateurs, as they aren’t as cumbersome, and more averse to get trapped in the ground before impact. will, in the long run, improve your swing velocity and help to keep you on the plane.

As your swing speed builds, your ball speed will likewise increase, and you will cover more distance down the fairway. Ball speed is viewed as the underlying speed of the ball as it leaves the clubface, and specialists state your optimal ball speed ought to, for the most part, be 1 ½ time your swing speed. This spreads more distance and results in fewer shots to the green.

You will have the option to improve your swing speed as your game advances. Some of the time it requires a significant stretch of time to figure out which driver, (regardless of whether it be a square or adjust clubface; or a firm or flex shaft), will suit your needs best. Square club heads have diminished in prominence, the same number of golf players are killed by the poor stylish nature of the structure just as the dull sound the club has at effect.

In any case, the preferred position that square club heads have over rounder ones is that they will, in general, have bigger clubfaces, in this manner limiting space for mistakes.


Once more, this can be a greater amount of a tasteful inclination than an ability inclination, however, the inquiry may come up. Dark (or dim wood) is the conventional color of a driver’s head, yet makers have as of late started structure them with colors that have more prominent differentiation against a green grass foundation.

On the off chance that a solid color difference helps your swing, definitely, settle on that decision. There are places where you can buy a removable crown to secure your driver’s head and give it a touch of character.


Space is controlled by the point of the clubface on the vertical hub. A zero space implies that the clubface is opposite to the ground, so the higher the space, the more the ball is propelled into the air. Drivers extend in space somewhere in the range of eight and 12 degrees.


Flex on a pole is dictated by how much the pole will twist upon impact. Players with quick swing rates incline toward stiffer shafts (regularly steel shaft), while a more slow swing velocity profits by a progressively adaptable shaft (produced using graphite).

Since present-day shafts are lighter and longer than in times past, you’ll have to explore different avenues regarding various shafts to be certain you get the perfect measure of adaptability, as even a stiffer shaft that is light and long converts into a more extended drive.


Movable drivers enable you to roll out boundless little improvements to the untruth, space, and that’s just the beginning, and cause modest changes to how to these elements cooperate. Remember, in any case, that customizable clubs make exceptionally little changes, so you’ll be fitted for clubs that line up with your own interesting swing style before purchasing flexible drivers. Consider customizable clubs as adjusting as opposed to rolling out significant improvements.


For longer distances on the fairway, drives are been used. Once made principally of wood or steel, new drivers frequently have titanium heads and graphite shafts for quality just as softness. At the point when you are in the market for another driver, there are seven significant viewpoints to consider: Skil level, size, and state of the clubhead and clubface, color, space, shaft adaptability, and flexibility.

In case you’re not kidding about the game—whatever your aptitude level might be, a club fitting can be the most ideal approach to pick the ideal driver for your swing. Having a learned golf teacher or experienced golf shop specialist will assist you with dissecting your swing and choose which driver will wipe out your irregularities and errors.