Best Window Air Conditioner of 2022

Best Window Air Conditioner of 2022

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You have been feeling uncomfortable lately, in your home, because of the humid weather. Having a ceiling fan, or standing fan doesn’t quite do it, at least not recently. Having an air conditioner, however, might just be what you need. Summer is at its scorching best in Nigeria right now. The whole of North Nigeria is on the fire and even other parts of the country are seeing mercury going up. Well, this is exactly when air-conditioners come into the scenes and offer some relief.

Getting the best air conditioner that suits your desires might be tasking, but we are here to guide you through the steps of getting your desired air conditioner.


An air conditioner is a system or a machine that treats air in a defined, usually enclosed area via a refrigeration cycle in which warm air is removed and replaced with cooler air.

In construction, a complete system of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is referred to as HVAC. Whether in homes, offices, or vehicles, its purpose is to provide comfort by altering the properties of the air, usually by cooling the air inside. The main function of an air conditioner is to change adverse temperature.

An air conditioner is a system that is used to cool down space by removing heat from the space and moving it to some outside area. The cool air can then be moved throughout a building through ventilation. Air conditioners require some input of work to operate, otherwise, entropy would decrease naturally which is forbidden by the Second law of thermodynamics. Air conditioners act similarly to a heat pump but instead follow a cooling cycle


  • Go for better energy efficiency: Higher the rating, lower the electricity bill

It is no secret that an air-conditioner heavily adds up to the monthly electricity bill. Hence, an AC that consumes less power and meets your requirements should be preferred over the rest. Does the question arise how you should find the energy efficiency rating? This is where to start rating comes to play.

Most air conditioners come with star ratings ranging from star 1 to star 5. So, the higher the star, the lower the power consumption. For instance, a 5 start air conditioner will consume less power as compared to a 3 star AC. So, keeping this in mind the next time you are out to shop for an air conditioner is recommendable.

But there is another bit to note here and that is Inverter ACs. These ACs are, at least theoretically and mostly in real life, consume less power than the ACs use the conventional cooling plant. The effect, in some cases, can be dramatic.

  • How much space do you want to be cooled?

Some people like to keep their garages or attics cooled by the AC for storage purposes, and some people just want to have their master bedroom cooled. It is important to also take into account extra rooms or smaller spaces in the house that you are considering implementing your AC system to reach.

  • Construction and material of the home and walls.

Another important factor to consider is the quality and material of the home. For example, older brick homes are more likely to absorb heat and retain hotter air than newer apartment complexes with special chemical compounds in the walls and paint that are designed to reflect heat. You need to do the proper due diligence before investing in an air conditioning unit and figure out how your home affects your AC plans.

Many air conditioning installment companies offer complimentary home inspections that take many different factors into account when trying to figure out which AC option is the best for you.

  • Cooling Capacity: Size matters

This is a very important aspect to consider because a miss here and your ACs will either feel insufficient or will chill your room so much that you feel living on the north pole. Usually, for a room that is around 100 to 120 square feet, a good 1 ton AC is sufficient. For a room around 175 square feet, you can opt for a 1.5 ton AC. And so on. Getting the right size is also helps you further save electricity because you will use your AC optimally.

  • Don’t go by features and marketing, basics matter more

In ACs, the most important parts are also the ones that company’s don’t talk about. This is because it is easy for companies to sell stuff based on some cool-sounding features instead of promising people quality stuff, which might be costly. One good bit to ascertain the quality of an AC is to ask the AC manufacturers what sort of coils and material they are using in their ACs.

  • Consider the noise level, an area where the AC will be fit

Nowadays, if you get the split AC chances are that noise will not be a problem. But if you get a window AC the noise from the machine may disturb you when you are sleeping. Even with the split AC, you should check for the noise and the ask ask the AC dealer for exact noise details (it is in dB) for both outdoor and indoor units. Prefer ACs that make less noise.

Similarly, before you buy an AC be very sure where you want to place it. This will help you avoid the aesthetic issues, especially in India where ACs are often afterthoughts in houses and where the installation process is very amateurish from even well-known brands like Daikin and LG. It will also help you get the AC that will suit your needs best.


LG LW1016ER 10,000 BTU 115V



  • 2016 Energy Star 12.1 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
  • Slide in-out chassis air conditioner for window-mounted installation
  • Uses standard 115V electrical outlet
  • 10,000 BTUs cools a room up to 450 sq ft
  • The LG window-mounted air conditioner provides dehumidification of up to 2.7 pints per hour
  • Gold fin anti-corrosion coating provides a protective shield so the unit lasts longer
  • Full-function remote controls unit from across the room


  • Easy Cool for quick and easy installation
  • EcoSave mode for automatic energy savings
  • Follow Me remote control with display
  • Easy Timer programmable up to 24 hours
  • Sleep Well preset for overnight comfort
  • Clean Filter alerts you when the filter is dirty
Arctic King WWK05CM91N


  • Energy Star efficiency: 11.1 EER
  • 5,000 BTU window-mounted air conditioner
  • Cools up to 150 sq. ft
  • Easy to use mechanical controls
  • Set the temperature for your comfort
  • Easily washable filter


Koldfront WAC8001W


  • 8000 BTU’s effectively cools up to 350 sq ft., ideal for making a living room comfortable
  • Three fan speeds offer the perfect setting for any situation
  • 3500 BTU heater included for those cold winter nights
  • Includes remote for unprecedented ease of use
  • Secure mounting assembly included
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Year Limited
Frigidaire FFRH1822R2


  • Room Size: Up to 250 square feet.
  •  this unit has Dry/Dehumidify mode that doesn’t cool the air, it just takes the moisture out of it.
  • This is ideal for cool, clammy days when you’d like drier air but not cooler air. It also has a Fan-only mode.
TOSOT 10,000 BTU


  • 10,000 BTU cooling for powerful temperature control
  • Designed to cool approximately 300 sq. ft. for temperature control in a room
  • The oscillating three-speed fan circulates air throughout the room
  • Evaporative dehumidifier removes up to 60.9 pints per day of moisture from the air
  • A programmable thermostat lets you adjust the temperature level
  • 24-hour programmable timer, sleep mode, and auto mode help save energy
AmazonBasics Window-Mounted Air Conditioner


  • This unit is excellent for conserving energy, and it helps keep your home’s temperature comfortable regulated. This is because of its 24 hours on/off timer with center controls that allow the user to set the unit to run in intervals whether they are at home or away.
  • The dimensions are 16 x 13.2 x 12.1 inches and it weighs 35.3 pounds.


Friedrich Chill CP06G10B


  • AC Type Window
  • EER 2
  • Room Size (Cooling Area) 250 Sq. ft.
  • Dimensions 9 x 18.4 x 14 inches
  • Noise Level 60+ dB
  • Warranty Yes, one-year limited warranty

Haier ESAQ406P Serenity Series


  • a 24-hour Timer, full Remote,
  • LED display,
  • Function Lock and Light.
Frigidaire 12000 Btu Cool Connect


  • WiFi control
  • 12,000 BTU
  • Energy efficient
  • Clean Air Ionizer

LG LW1016ER 10,000 BTU 115V


We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers, and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it.

Provide your home with amazing cooling with the LG LW1016ER 10,000-BTU 115V Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Remote Control. It features three cooling speeds and three fan speeds for cooling flexibility. It is designed to cool rooms up to 450 square feet. The product also reduces the humidity in the room by up to 2.7 pints per hour.

It includes a removable filter for easy cleaning, an electronic thermostat, a 24-hour on/off timer, and a remote control. The LG window-mounted air conditioner contains a gold fin anti-corrosion coating that provides a protective shield so the unit lasts longer.

  • Low yearly costs
  • Many sizes available
  • Energy Star certified
  • Quick cooling
  • Wide dimensions
  • No continuous draining



Midea Easy Cool Window AC is a high-efficiency Energy Star compact window air conditioner with easy installation and friendly functions. Cooling a room up to 250 square feet, this 6,000 BTU unit has an EcoSave mode to make it even more efficient and save you money.

The Sleep Well and Easy Timer functions make it easy to preset your preferences automatically over night or at any time up to 24 hours in advance. Plus, the easy to use Follow Me remote control with display makes sure it’s cool wherever you are.



  • Affordable
  • Maintains temperature
  • Eco Mode
  • Closer to 180 sq. ft. cooled
  • Poor install instructions

Arctic King WWK05CM91N


Compact 5,000 BTU window air conditioner cools a room up to 150 square feet. With mechanical controls, set the comfort level to your preference, and precisely control the temperature and fan speed. Comfort 4-way air direction and washable filter will keep a comfortable and healthy environment.



  •  Solid, dependable cooling at a very competitive cost.
  • No “bells & whistles” like a remote,
  • Dry mode,
  • Sleep mode.

Koldfront WAC8001W

Embrace a versatile, window-mounted heating and cooling solution with the Koldfront 8,000 BTU Window Cool Window Air Conditioner with Remote (WAC8001W). Designed for spaces up to 350 square feet, this window air conditioner doubles as a supplemental heater, offering both an 8,000 BTU cooling capacity and a 3,500 BTU heat function with included heat strip.

Three (3) fan speeds and four-way directional vents let you control the direction and flow of air, ensuring even distribution of air throughout your space – so you can feel comfortable in your home no matter what season it is. This combination heating and cooling unit is equipped with plenty of convenient features including a 24-hour timer, a sleep feature and a remote control.

A handy Check Filter light reminds you when it’s time to clean your filter. A digital thermostat allows you to set the window unit to your desired temperature and will automatically maintain temperatures between 62° F and 86° F, saving energy. Window Air Conditioner and Heater:

This versatile window air conditioner has both hot and cold settings, automatically maintaining temperatures between 62° F and 86° F so you can feel comfortable no matter what time of year it is

  • Runs quietly
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Bulky unit
  • Compressor can overload

Frigidaire FFRH1822R2


Frigidaire has a long history of making high-quality, reliable window air conditioners. This is a compact, digital model with a good set of features.

This is an Energy Star window air conditioner. This Frigidaire window air conditioner removes about 4 gallons of moisture per day. Quiet 51 decibels on low. Compact size, but with the “wings,” it fits larger windows too. It has a 3-speed fan, 6-way airflow louvers, and full-feature remote.


  •  Energy Star efficiency,
  • Dry mode plus AC, loaded with features like the Remote with all the features of the standard control pane
  • While it has premium features and performance, it costs more than several of the other units on this list

TOSOT 10,000 BT


Tosot portable air conditioner can keep your home cool and dry with a single hose 10,000 BTU air conditioner and dehumidifier. The 10,000 BTUs of cooling power keep a room up to 300 sq. ft. cool and comfortable and the 3-speed cooling and fan and 4-way air direction help spread the air evenly throughout the room.

Digital controls offer precise temperature adjustments, and the remote control lets you control the air conditioner from across the room. The programmable thermostat lets you adjust the level of cool for comfort during summer. The dehumidifier can remove moisture from the air to reduce stickiness. Best of all, features like a 24-hour timer, sleep mode, and auto mode save energy for efficient and affordable operations.

  • The various modes allow you to customize indoor climate control.
  • It’s efficient and safe for the environment.
  • Arriving damaged, a little louder and expected and other minor concerns are raised by about 5% of users.
  • All window ACs face similar complaints, except most have a higher percentage of negative reviews.

AmazonBasics Window-Mounted Air Conditioner


The air conditioner unit is energy efficient and remote-controlled. It can cool and dehumidify a room up to 150 square feet with standard 9-foot ceilings. It features seven temperature settings, dual cooling and fan settings, 24 hours on/off timer, adjustable air directions as well as an auto-restart button. It keeps the air clean and fresh because of its in-built filter. This filter can be easily removed, washed, and reused. It also includes a 6.5 foot, 3 prongs, 115 V power cord which eliminates the need for an extension cord.

  • It is easy to install.
  • It uses minimum energy.
  • The dehumidifier works well.
  • The unit can get loud once the motor kicks in.

Friedrich Chill CP06G10B


The Friedrich Chill CP06G10B is the top-of-the-range model on our list for 6000 BTU window units. This model is powerful with 3-cooling speeds. Digital remote control is included for easy setting adjustments. This machine can cool off rooms up to 250 sq. ft.

The unit comes with anti-intrusion protection via an entry guard that keeps intruders from removing the unit. This model is easy to install and comes with all of the necessary installation hardware. Expandable side curtains make it easy to fit this AC model in most home windows. The machine is white, but unlike competitors has a clean, sleek modern design.

Users have noted that this model is loud, and homeowners who want a whisper-quiet machine should look elsewhere. This model is also expensive. However, this unit is powerful and quickly cools down their home. This AC model also is Energy Star qualified and helps save on both energy and money.

  • Powerful
  • 3-Cooling Speeds
  • Modern design
  • Expensive
  • Loud


Haier ESAQ406P Serenity Series


Haier makes a wide range of quality appliances. They tend to be higher cost, as this one is. For the money, Haier delivers 4 performance modes and other top features.

This is an Energy Star window air conditioner.

  •  This Energy Star Haier window air conditioner reduces energy use and cost.
  • The various modes give you options – like Dry Mode for cool, humid days when you’d like drier air without AC.


  •  The noise level and higher cost.

Frigidaire 12000 Btu Cool Connect


If you have casement or slider windows in your home, don’t completely rule out the possibility of a window AC unit. Even with the horizontal-sliding window style, installing this Frigidaire unit is an easy DIY project. This is the same Fridgidaire that was just reviewed, only this one is designed specifically for casement and slider-style windows.

Similar to the FFRS1022R1 for traditional windows, this Frigidaire is capable of cooling a space up to 450 square feet. It goes a bit further with dehumidification, removing up to 3.4 pints of water from the air per hour. It’s got a slightly lower EER of 10.4, which is still pretty good when compared to the industry standard. If you have standard windows, you’ll have to look elsewhere since this is only suitable for casements and sliders.

  • Fits casements and sliders
  • Washable filter
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Programmable 24-hour timer
  • High cost
  • Not suitable for standard windows


We have come to a conclusion of today’s review, I’m positive all the doubts you had on getting an air conditioner has been embraced. pick a conditioner from the list above, and you” be sure yo get value for your money