Best Food Mixers of January 2021

Best Food Mixers of January 2021

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If your aim is to get the best food mixers out there, then you are at the right place. Nothing beats a reliable kitchen item, we know this, so we have put together a list of the best food mixers to select from.


A mixer is a kitchen utensil which uses a gear-driven mechanism to rotate a set of beaters in a bowl containing the food to be prepared. It automates the repetitive tasks of stirring, whisking or beating. When the beaters are replaced by a dough hook, a mixer may also be used to knead.

A food mixer is a piece of electrical equipment that is used to mix food such as cake mixture.

A mixer may be a handheld mechanism known as an eggbeater, a handheld motorized beater, or a stand mixer. Stand mixers vary in size from small countertop models for home use to large capacity commercial machines.

Stand mixers create the mixing action by rotating the mixing device vertically: planetary mixers, or by rotating the mixing container: spiral mixers. Mixers for the kitchen first came into use midway through the nineteenth century; the earliest were mechanical devices.

Food mixers (also known as kitchen machines or stand mixers) are a great choice for keen bakers and for anyone who wants to make cakes, bread, muffins, pastry and desserts without spending hours in the kitchen preparing them.

The demand from commercial bakers for large-scale uniform mixing resulted in the development of the electric stand mixer. Smaller counter-top stand mixers for home kitchen use soon followed. When selecting a mixer, the purchaser should consider how the mixer will be used.

Electric mixers with more speed options give the user more control over the development of the mixture.

A good food mixer will take all the hard work out of baking, mixing batter and kneading dough to perfection in seconds, leaving you to get on with other things.


Which mixer do I need? There are two main types of fixed-stand food mixer.

Food mixer – these focus on classic baking jobs using the main mixing bowl and standard attachments for whisking, mixing and kneading.

Kitchen machine – these have extra ports for different attachments and can tackle a wider variety of food processing jobs from chopping and slicing to blending and mincing meat.

You might expect kitchen machines to be more expensive, but it’s often the other way round. Designed to tackle every food preparation job in one machine, they can be good ‘starter’ products when you’re setting up home.

If you tend to bake more than you chop, you might be better off with a dedicated food mixer, but it’s worth bearing in mind the extra options a kitchen machine will give you.

How much do I need to spend to get a good mixer?

Mixers range in price from just under £100 to over £500 – even more if you buy additional attachments. What you get for the extra money, apart from a major brand name, is usually a more solid build (full metal), bigger capacity and a quieter motor.

Extras such as a pause or ‘folding’ function, or a countdown timer, can be found on fancier models, along with glass or metal bowls and more specialized mixing attachments. Premium models also tend to be heavier because of their all-metal construction, but this can help with stability.

The good news is that a decent stand mixer doesn’t have to cost more than £150. We’ve found Best Buy mixers for less, and we also found that some expensive models do a worse job of mixing than models costing less than half as much

Make sure the stand mixer will have all the tools for the tasks you need doing. Every model should come with a dough hook (kneading), a balloon whisk attachment (whisking and whipping) and a beater tool (mixing).

It’s also worth looking out for the following extras:

  • Splashguard – to cover the mixing bowl and prevent ingredients flying out and splattering you and your machine.
  • Flexi-beater – these have a flexible spatula edge on one side of a standard beater, allowing them to scrap all the ingredients off the side of the bowl during mixing.
  • Food processor attachment – if you’re after a machine that will slice or grate, choose a stand mixer that has a food processor attachment.
  • Jug blender – if you want to blend smoothies or soup, you’ll want a stand mixer with a jug blender attachment. These can sometimes also crush ice but you’ll need to check this, as models vary in their capabilities.
  • Spotlight – a feature we’re seeing for the first time in 2017 is integrated lighting – allowing you to see creations more clearly inside the mixing bowl.
  • Extra mixing bowl – some come with a second bowl for mixing smaller or larger quantities.

Other, less common attachments include mincers and sausage makers, ice-cream making bowls, biscuit cutters, pasta makers and spiralizers.

Mixer Size

Food mixers can be hefty machines, so make sure you have enough kitchen counter space for the model you choose. Think in particular about the height of any cabinets above where you’ll put the stand mixer, which may obstruct the lever-operated arm of the mixer’s top section.

Also think about how heavy the mixer is if you’ll need to move it around or store it in a cupboard.

Mixing bowl size

Stand mixers generally come with larger bowls than food processors, so can struggle with smaller amounts. If you like to make particularly big batches (more than two cakes’ worth at a time), you’ll need to go for a mixer with a large-capacity bowl – at least 500ml.

Dishwasher safe

Washing stand mixer attachments by hand can be a bit of a faff, particularly fiddly beater attachments. Look for a model with dishwasher-safe accessories so that cleaning will be less of a headache. It’s vitally important to check the instructions first, as washing parts incorrectly in a dishwasher can cause the plastic to split.

Even parts listed as dishwasher safe can be damaged by putting them in a washing cycle that’s too hot. Some manufacturers warn against washing in temperatures above 40°C, and to avoid the drying cycle altogether, which can also cause the plastic to split.

Often accessories should be washed on the top shelf only, so make sure you check the instructions first.

Storage for accessories

Some food preparation appliances come with a wide variety of accessories, which can take up a lot of valuable kitchen storage space.

If you think this is going to be a problem, look for a model that includes a storage box or compartment. Some are designed so you can pack away the accessories inside the bowl.

Extra beaters, whisks, spare bowls and parts

Most brands, particularly well-established ones such as Kenwood and KitchenAid, will have spares available. These are handy if you decide to buy extra attachments, or a spare bowl to save on washing up mid-bake, and also if one of your attachments gets lost or broken.


  1. KitchenAid Artisan Stand mixer
  2. Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer
  3. KitchenAid KP26M1XMY 6 Qt
  4. Kenmore Elite Ovation 49090 Exclusive Pour-In Top, 5-Qt.
  5. Cuisinart SM-50TQ Stand Mixer, Turquoise
KitchenAid Artisan Stand mixer


  • ‘C’ Dough Hook to knead yeast dough for bread and pizza recipes.
  • Flat Beater.
  • Dough Hook.
  • Wire whip.
  • 8 Liter Bowl with Ergonomic Handle.
  • Pouring Shield.
Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer


  • Same mixing action as KitchenAid stand mixers*
  • Powerful 300 Watt motor.
  • Better mixing than 2-beater stand mixers.
  • 3 attachments offer mixing versatility to blend, beat, whip, mix, and cream.
  • Mixing action gives complete bowl coverage.
  • Stainless steel 3.5 quart bowl – dishwasher safe.
KitchenAid KP26M1XMY 6 Qt


  • Coated Flat Beater
  • Coated Powerknead™ Spiral Dough Hook
  • Wire Whip
  • Pouring Shield
Kenmore Elite Ovation 49090 Exclusive Pour-In Top, 5-Qt


  • Product Dimensions: 17.7 * 8.9 * 11.7 inches.
  • Item weight: It is 27.4 pounds.
  • Shipping weight: 28.6 pound its shipping weight.
  • Manufacturer: Kenwood
  • ASIN: B0172AFROY
  • Item model number: KMM012
  • Material Type: It is made with Aluminum.
  • Color: It is Stainless Steel color.
  • Bowl Capacity: 7 qt.
  • Warranty: It has 5 years warranty.
Cuisinart SM-50TQ Stand Mixer, Turquoise


  • Large 5.5-Quart, stainless steel bowl
  • Powerful 500-watt motor handles the heaviest mixing tasks with 12 speeds for precision mixing
  • Tilt-back head allows easy access to the mixing bowl
  • Die-cast metal construction
  • 12 speeds for precision mixing

KitchenAid Artisan Stand mixer


Excellent performance – direct drive To prepare small to large quantities/batches of food. No power loss between the motor and the accessories/attachments

Versatile and easy to use : A single multipurpose attachment hub for a wide choice of optional attachments available

  • “Excellent” manual that includes recipes
  • Pricey
  • Top performance for all mixing tasks
  • High-capacity mixing bowl
  • Bowl has ergonomic handle for ease of use
  • Upright head locks into position
  • Easy-to-read speed settings, which click into place
  • Dishwasher-safe bowl, beater and dough hook
  • Food-making accessories such as blender, pasta maker and grinder attach to power hub

Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer


Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixers save you time and energy while providing outstanding results. Our award-winning eclectrics® Stand Mixers are all-metal, powerful appliances that offer excellent mixing performance and precise control at every speed. All Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixers are designed for tough mixing and can handle even the thickest cookie or bread dough.

For maximum versatility, Hamilton Beach® also offers hand/stand models, so you can use the hand mixer for quick mixing jobs or place it in the stand for hands-free mixing. Whatever stand mixer you choose, a variety of attachments are included from traditional and wire beaters to dough hooks.

  • This Hamilton Beach mixer kneads bread dough well.
  • It couldn’t make stiff peaks in our egg white testing.

KitchenAid KP26M1XMY 6 Qt


They produce superb results for a wide range of cooking techniques including mixing dough, and they’re so much faster than working by hand. Which frees up your time to do other tasks while the mixer does the hard labor.

Stand mixers do yeoman’s work in the kitchen and can be pricey. So if you’re considering making a purchase, it’s valuable to compare features on a variety of mixers before making a decision.

  • The KitchenAid stand mixer bowl is made with steel. Steel is stiffer and more durable, and can handle more wear and tear. Other materials can be more resistant to corrosion and are often used because they are cheaper to process. But since the Pro Series mixers are best cleaned by hand-washing and drying immediately despite saying “dishwasher safe,” I really don’t think corrosion is going to be an issue. Plus I like a more durable mixing bowl.
  • The Professional 600 Series bowl-lift mixer doesn’t come with a bowl scraper attachment. So the sides of the bowl don’t always get scraped down properly, and you have to lower the bowl to get inside and scrape it down. However, there is a “SideSwipe” attachment you can get which can help with that annoying little task.
  • With more extra speed settings than most comparable mixers, you have a lot of flexibility in the mixing process, but be sure to ramp up gradually to higher speeds if you don’t want a big “poof” of dry ingredients all over you and the counter on a sudden burst of higher power.
  • In real life — in contrast to a test lab — particularly dense bread mixes are really better to do in a made-for-purpose bread machine or with a stand mixer with more power, like the Bosch Universal Plus While KitchenAid small appliances like this stand mixer can certainly do bread dough, a really dense mix will still put a strain on the motor over time, especially at a higher speed, which is why KitchenAid says to never mix bread dough at above a 2 setting to avoid wear and tear on the gears. You might have problems from the first, or you may just experience a gradual wearing on the mixer over time.
  • The larger volume 6-quart bowl is perfect for double and triple batches of cookies, brownies, or other sweets. And, as long as you follow the manual’s instructions regarding mixing speed and volume of ingredients, also good for bread making and other dense mixtures. As a mixer for cake batters, it’s top-notch.
  • This mixer, like many KitchenAid small appliances, is only usable in North America where US Standard Voltages of 110V to 120V and 60 hertz are available. You can’t use it overseas, in Europe, etc. with 220V outlets or with an adapter.
  • The 575W motor is better for your big jobs like quadruple cookie batches or sticky holiday candy-making that will bog down a more common 325W stand mixer. And if you’re worried about the high speeds causing your stand mixer to “walk” (or is that “thump”?) across the counter, KitchenAid has added a very heavy base to keep it stable. Plus, the bowl clips in to keep it from oscillating and causing the mixer to move. Unlike smaller mixers or other high-powered models, the Pro 600 doesn’t shift around on the counter.
  • The KitchenAid Pro Series mixer is bulky in your arms and weighs over 25 pounds according to KitchenAid’s specs. I’ve lifted one and it is like trying to lug a huge anchor around your kitchen. If you have limited strength in your hands and arms, you may find it hard to move, which is fine if you plan to leave on your countertop for all eternity. And clipping in the bowl takes some hand and finger strength, as well as a bit of dexterity, so if you’re an elderly or disabled person, this could cause some issues or require a bit of help from another person. You can pay them for help in cookies!

Kenmore Elite Ovation 49090 Exclusive Pour-In Top, 5-Qt


Equal parts innovative design and powerful performance, the Kenmore Elite Ovation Stand Mixer is a game-changer. Mix without the mess with the patented Pour-In Top Design, exclusive 360° Splash Guard, and slow-start option so you can spend more time enjoying your culinary creations with family and friends and less time cleaning up.

The low-profile sleek style looks stunning in any kitchen and can easily move about the countertop with the Tilt & Guide feature. T

  • European Designed.
  • Expensive
  • Long-lasting feature.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Solid aluminum body.


Cuisinart SM-50TQ Stand Mixer, Turquoise


The Cuisinart Stand Mixer is a 5.5 quart, 500-watt machine with 12 speed setting. It comes in 3 colors: brushed chrome, red and white.

A few years ago, we owned the Cuisinart SM-55 stand mixer, which looked more squat, square and modern. But it looked out of place in more traditional-designed kitchens.

But design was the least of its problems – the older SM-55 model just never performed well, with a funky designed paddle, hard to grip handle on bowl, a bowl that looked more like an ice bucket than mixing bowl, and a heavy tilt head that always threatened to tip the machine over.

  • It resembles the KitchenAid’s timeless design. It’s a handsome machine, with just enough curves.
  • You need 2 hands to tilt head back, which is a pain if one of your hands is dough-y and holding a spatula.
  • The re-designed bowl of is wide, giving you plenty of room to peek in and add ingredients. Its big, fat handle allows you to hold on securely to scoop ingredients out.
  • The speed dial is round, which makes it hard to operate if your hands are sticky and batter-y. (The KitchenAid has a lever, which I can operate with my palm or even my arm). Plus, the little tiny grooves in the dial is really hard to clean well. My batter and flour always wanted to settle into these little grooves.
  • 500 watts (vs. KitchenAid’s 5 quart 325 watt). It’s powerful – kneading a batch of bread dough was a breeze, no effort at all. We also made a double-batch of pasta dough (I’ll show you in a sec) and the machine handled it easily.
  • The bowl secures to the machine at the very bottom, with a twisty motion. That means you have to keep that bottom area very clean.
  • Bonus – the machine is shhhh….quiet….It doesn’t sound like an airplane landing in my kitchen anymore.
  • Only comes in 3 colors (vs. KitchenAid’s endless palette of colors – I think there are 33 different colors).
  • The tilt-head moves easily, the machine is balanced (no tipping over or wobbling when head is tilted), and the head won’t accidentally fall forward. I actually really like tilt-heads, it just makes it easier to insert/remove the bowl.


We have come to the end of this review, there is so much to gain from purchasing one of these listed utensils. You would get value of your money if you purchase one of these utensils, as they have been selected by us, to give maximum results