Best Caulking Guns of January 2021

Best Caulking Guns of January 2021

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You are welcome to this review, if you are interested in getting the best caulking guns, you are at the right place, this review is aimed at showing the best caulking guns out there. Read through, as we show the best caulking guns out there.

Having a caulking gun at home is useful as a household tool, and would come in handy for domestic repairs, plumbing, and construction.

With tools like this, you don’t have to call a plumber, to repair your clogged toilet or the sink, all you have to do is know how to use the caulking guns, and you’re good to go.


The first step in deciding is understanding the different options you have to find the best caulking gun for you.

Most people have seen (if not used) a basic caulk gun before and while a basic caulk gun should be enough for most purposes, some people prefer to have something a little higher tech that will take a little more of the effort out of it.

Battery Powered vs Pneumatic Caulking Guns

A battery-powered caulk gun holds the caulk the same way, but as you push down on the trigger you get constant speed for the caulk that comes out. If you need to adjust the speed or the flow as you go it can be difficult (if not impossible).

Not all battery options have a variable speed setting but if they do it still means you get one speed until you stop and then adjust again.

​Pneumatic​​​ caulk guns actually hold the entire caulk bottle inside the sleeve. You pull the trigger and air goes through the hose attached to the sleeve, pushing out caulk by pressure.

When you release the trigger it stops pushing the air through and releases the amount of pressure it’s under.


Caulking guns’ weight depends on the crafted materials. For heavy-duty performance and regular work better to select steel made bulk caulking gun which may be few weighty. On the other hand, the lightweight gun works well for occasional and household use. So, consider your job to choose the perfect one.

Smooth vs. Ratcheted Plunger Rods

If you are looking at a basic caulk gun, you’ll need to take a look at these ​two features​​​. A smooth rod will give you a little more control when you’re working and you’ll be able to stop however and whenever you want. Stopping the flow of caulk is much simpler with these types of rods.

Ratchet rods are the more common ones you’ll find in local home improvement stores, however. These ones require you to stop at specific ratchet stops and follow a very specific (and complicated) process to get the flow of caulk to stop.

Another thing to consider with these different types of rods is how easy it is to actually use the caulk gun itself.

A smooth rod makes it less effort to squeeze the caulk out, which means you’re going to save a bit of your strength and that can be great if you’re doing a lot of work at the same time or if you’re just not as strong in your hands. The ratchet rod will take a little extra effort to make sure the caulk releases.

Easy Open

You want a gun that’s going to let you open up the seal on your caulk quickly and easily as well. There are several different things that could be on the gun itself to make sure this happens.

Some have a seal punch, which is designed to punch through a foil seal on the inside of the caulk. They may also have a cutter, which can trim off the tip to the size that you want it.

You may also find an open rod that goes through the tip that you cut in your caulk to make sure it’s clean and ready to use.

Open Frame

The open-frame design of a caulk gun is one way of cutting down on the overall weight. Because it only has a few rods to hold the caulk in place instead of a full sleeve there’s less of whatever material your caulk gun is made of.

That means you have less weight to carry while you’re working and even a little bit of weight can add up over time. By carrying around less you set yourself up to be more comfortable when you work.


When you invest in an air-powered caulk gun, you can choose to purchase special tips to use for different applications. Put simply; this means that you can use one tool to fix your sinks, cars, bathroom, boat, windows and more


Traditionally caulk guns (the basic kind) have been made out of lightweight metal, but that’s not necessarily the case anymore. Some are being made out of plastic which has a lighter weight and allows you a little more versatility.

These are generally the less expensive options and they tend to have good quality to them but they’re not as durable or long-lasting as a metal option. Only you can decide which way is the best one for you and which design is going to give you the best balance of price, weight, and durability.

Caulking Gun Price

It’s also a significant factor to choose a good caulk gun. You should choose one within your budget but check your requirements and caulk gun features. So, you may compromise with your budget for the best caulk gun

Wrap U

For anyone that’s caulking around their home, a simple caulk gun could be the best way to go. If you’re using it for more professional applications or you’ll be doing a lot of work you may want to consider something a little bigger and easier to use.

Still, you’re not going to go wrong with any of these options, which are all affordable and are sure to keep you from breaking the bank.


  1. JES 10 oz. 26:1 High Thrust Caulk and Adhesive Gun
  2. Albion Engineering B12S20 B-Line Manual Sausage Caulking Gun, 20 oz, 12:1 Drive
  3. Makita XGC01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 10 oz
  4. Newborn 250 Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulking Gun
  5. Dripless Inc. ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulk Gun
  6. Campbell Hausfeld Air Powered Caulk Gun (PL155800AV)
  7. Tajima CNV-100SP Convoy Super Rotary Caulk Gun
  8. Ryobi P310G 18v Pistol Grip Variable Discharge Rate Power Caulk
  9. PC Products Steel Dispensing Caulking Gun
  10. OX Tools Pro Caulking Gun Dripless Mechanism
JES 10 oz. 26:1 High Thrust Caulk and Adhesive Gun


  • 360º Rotating Barrel
  • Durable Metal Carriage
  • Dual Thrust Plates
  • Engineered to meet stringent standards for reliability
  • Built extremely tough to last a lifetime
  • Guaranteed to deliver unparalleled functionality
Albion Engineering B12S20 B-Line Manual Sausage Caulking Gun, 20 oz, 12:1 Drive


  • The Mechanical Benefit of 12:1
  • Steel Movable Frame
  • Cartridge Capacity 750 ml
  • All Standard Viscosity Materials usable
  • Rotating Steel Barrel
Makita XGC01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 10 oz


  • Weight with battery: 5.1 pounds
  • Soft rubberized grip
  • Uses genuine Makita 18V Lithium-ion batteries
  • Star Protection Computer Controls keeps batteries from overheating
  • Rapid Optimum Charger quickly recharges batteries
  • The fan in Rapid Optimum Charger lowers battery temp during charging
  • Rapid Optimum Charger optimizes battery life
Newborn 250 Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulking Gun


  • Powerful Thrust Ratio
  • Efficient in Sealing Corner Cracks
  • Specifically Made For Caulking
Dripless Inc. ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulk Gun


  • Rugged composite construction
  • Engineered ergonomic grip
  • Reduces stress in hand and arm
  • Rotating barrel
  • Sharp precision cutter
  • Extra-long clean-out
  • EZ clean surface
Campbell Hausfeld Air Powered Caulk Gun (PL155800AV)


  • Dispenses 10.1 fl. …
  • Easy to operate shut-off valve: stops material when the trigger is released for accurate flow control.
  • Lightweight design (2.8 pounds) for stress-free use.
  • Smooth dispense design uses standard cartridges and can dispense materials such as caulk, adhesives, and sealants.
Tajima CNV-100SP Convoy Super Rotary Caulk Gun


  • 1/10 gallon gun with a powerful twin-thrust dispensing system
  • Extra-Long 10 ½ inch barrel and 360-degree rotating handle for manoeuvring in tight spaces
  • Extra-long seal puncture tool and Auto Flow Stop to control material seepage /oozing
  • Special hardened steel shaft and thrust plates for consistent, non-slip performance
  • Rugged steel welded construction, strong cast aluminium handle
  • Ladder hook and eyelet to attach to a safety strap
Ryobi P310G 18v Pistol Grip Variable Discharge Rate Power Caulk


  • UP TO 500LBS OF PUSH FORCE allowing you to dispense a wide range of high viscosity sealants
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: dispense up to 200 tubes of caulk on a single Ryobi 18-volt battery
  • BALANCED SYSTEM: weight is distributed evenly on top of the ergonomically designed pistol grip handle, making it easy for everyone of all ages to use with comfort
PC Products Steel Dispensing Caulking Gun


  • Manual dispensing gun for 250-ml PC-Concrete epoxy cartridge
  • Can also be used with any sealant, adhesive, or caulk that has coordinating standard cartridge size
  • High 26:1 thrust ratio for applying thick materials
  • Made from steel for strength and durability
  • Thumb-release trigger allows controlled application
OX Tools Pro Caulking Gun Dripless Mechanism


  • Thrust Ratio 12:1
  • Rubber over Molded Grip
  • Steel Thrust Rod
  • Silent Squeeze Mechanism
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Rotary Barrel
  • Accommodate 10 oz. Cartridges
  • Built-in Poker

JES 10 oz. 26:1 High Thrust Caulk and Adhesive Gun


The single-component adhesive applicator is designed for a 1/10-gallon or a 1-quart cartridge, ensuring a precise fit with a range of standard viscosity material products. The applicator features an ergonomic design grip including a curved hook for hanging on racks or walls and a thumb-operated pressure release lever. All JES manual cartridge gun is built from durable cast steel to ensure long product life.

  • Professional caulk gun with 26:1 high thrust ratio, perfect for applying thicker materials, adhesives, or when working in low-temperature environments
  • none
  • Engineered to deliver materials smoothly and precisely, it is easy to use and produces great results
  • 360-degree rotating cradle barrel for easy manoeuvring in and around tight working areas
  • Made with heavy-duty metal barrel, handle, rod, plate and treated with a premium finish, it has the durability to satisfy even the most demanding professionals
  • Features built-in puncture pin and ladder hook. Use with 10 oz. cartridges

Albion Engineering B12S20 B-Line Manual Sausage Caulking Gun, 20 oz, 12:1 Drive


Much like other manual caulking guns, this caulking guns’ design is to cater for dispensing standard viscosity material like latex, and adhesives.

This model of the gun is a12:1 manual drive, and a sausage adhesive feature of about 20oz, for the caulking gun, made with a 2inch barrel made from aluminium. Remarkable of the feature of the gun includes a padded handle and trigger for comfortable use and efficient dispensing of the viscosity product.

  • This product is lightweight and can be used conveniently
  • The gun does not have a spout cutter to help open the cartridge
  • This product design is mainly for viscosity materials like latex and adhesive
  • Its padded handles and trigger makes it comfortable to use
  • The pads also provide stability to the gun for a proper dispensation of the viscosity material

Makita XGC01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 10 oz


Makita® 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Cordless 10 oz. Caulk and Adhesive Gun, Tool Only is engineered for homeowners and contractors alike. Its motor gives you 1,100 pounds of dispensing force so that you can seal and glue with the highest quality. A speed trigger allows you to adjust the speed of the cordless adhesive gun to the task at hand.

A five-speed dial adjusts the flow rate up to 66 IPM, and a drip-reduction mechanism prevents inadvertent dispensing by releasing pressure when you release the trigger. The Makita caulk gun has a cartridge holder that accepts 10 ounce and 300-millilitre cartridges and also rotates 360 degrees for your convenience.

When the gun has almost overloaded it illuminates an overload light to prevent damage to the cartridge.

  • The Makita caulking is pretty lightweight making the job easy to handle
  • The caulking guns come with a kit that should be gotten separately
  • Its 360 Degree rotatable cartridge makes you apply the sealants, fillers, and adhesive evenly
  • The drip-reduction feature makes the job neater
  • You match the speed of the trigger with your speed dial

Newborn 250 Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulking Gun


Yes, it is true that the basic caulking guns are cheap. However, you should know that they are hard to use. This is because they don’t possess designs and ergonomics that improve their usage. They are just using a traditional style in wherein you have to depress the plunger and trigger and the same time. Such process is very strenuous to the arms!

Good thing, the likes of Newborn 250 Caulking surface on the market. They can turn a technical task like caulking into a simple housing chore!

  • Revolving steel frame
  • The Newborn 250 does not possess anti-dripping feature
  • Powerful thrust ratio
  • Standard cartridge capacity
  • Presence of functional features such as a spout cutter
  • Compact and sturdy construction
  • Corrosion and rustproof

Dripless Inc. ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulk Gun


The ETS 2000 is 40% lighter than metal models with similar features. That, along with the ergonomic trigger reduces hand fatigue and makes your caulking job a snap. It’s the painters favourite caulking tool. The cutter is built into the handle of the trigger – just insert the tip of the caulking cartridge and pull the trigger. Couldn’t be easier!

  • This caulking gun is lightweight, making it convenient to use
  • It has so many parts and would need to expertize to set it up
  • It also maintains the beads orientation when you are applying your products around corners
  • The revolving frame makes the cartridge rotate
  • The hook on the gun provides for safety when you are going up a ladder

Campbell Hausfeld Air Powered Caulk Gun (PL155800AV)


This caulk gun has a distinctive feature; it is air-powered, and this feature maximizes the simple use and efficiency of the weapon. With standard cartridges, the gun and smoothly and neatly dispense the materials in it, and it stops flowing as soon as the trigger is released, so you don’t have accidental spills.

The gun weighs roughly three pounds making it easy to carry and operate. Its dispensation of liquid is 10.1 fluid ounce. Its cartridges are 1-5-26 inch by 8.5 inches in diameter.

  • It weighs just three pounds, making the work convenient and easy
  • No switch or button to control the speed of the gun, when applying the sealant
  • The cartridges diameter allows you to hit all the corners easily
  • It uses the air-power feature to pump out the material, making it hit the mark precisely
  • It smooth dispenses the viscosity material and stops when the trigger is released

Tajima CNV-100SP Convoy Super Rotary Caulk Gun


Another caulking gun that comes in hand for home and industrial use is the Tajima convoy super rotary caulk gun.

As the name implies, it has one of the most effective rotating barrel, which gives the gun its precision and ability to maintain the ideal contact angle. With frames welded with steel, it offers a very dependable and reliable performance in both industrial and domestic chores.

  • Smooth and dependable caulk guns with rotating handles
  • The excess metal material used in making this gun might make it cumbersome for domestic use
  • Thrust system options to handle any material with ease
  • Extra-long barrels for hassle-free tube reloads
  • Steel welded barrel
  • Maximum performance caulk guns with extra-long barrels
  • Seal puncture pins

Ryobi P310G 18v Pistol Grip Variable Discharge Rate Power


RYOBI™ introduces the new and improved 18V ONE+™ Power Caulk and Adhesive Gun. This tool features over 500 lbs. of push force to handle higher viscosity material with ease and can apply more than 200 tubes of caulk per charged ONE+™ battery. The 18V ONE+™ Power Caulk and Adhesive Gun is backed by a 3-Year Warranty.

  • The gun has a push force of up to 50oLBS, making precision more accurate
  • You might have to buy some other tools to complement this caulking gun
  • Its balance system of evenly distributing the weight of the gun to the centre, aid efficiency
  • The speed adjuster allows the user to be able to control the force of the gun
  • It comes with an onboard puncture tool, dispensing of the need to take out extra tools

PC Products Steel Dispensing Caulking Gun


For professional-grade use, then this model of the caulking gun comes in handy. With elastic battery life, you can use this gun for an extended period, allowing you to complete a substantial part of the work dependent on the nature of the work.

It is a manual dispensing gun that dispensing about 10oz of viscosity material. The design is that of steel, making it strong and durable. The thumb release trigger feature allows you to control the application of the material, without soiling the place with viscosity material.

  • You can use this caulking gun with materials like caulk, sealants, and adhesives
  • It might be a little heavy for home use
  • The steel is made from gives it durability and strength.
  • It hooks for ladders enhances the ease of use of the gun
  • Its thumb-release gives your work a clean finish

OX Tools Pro Caulking Gun Dripless Mechanism


OX Tools USA presented Pro 10 oz. A professional heavy duty caulk gun designed with the tradesmen in mind. Unique features for effortless and comfortable for daylong use.

Therefore, high-grade steel constructed a 5/16” pushrod mechanism for control flow and Dual plate thrust mechanism for sufficient pressure and provides a 12:1 thrust ratio. Also, the riveted and reinforced cradle style frame for more security and stability to the barrel.

Certainly, a silent squeeze mechanism avoids squeaking when activated and ensuring sufficient pressure. Also, rubber over-moulded grip designed for longtime comfortable use and kept the wrist in perfect position.

  • Adjustable Dripless Mechanism
  • Difficult for a New User
  • Built-in Poker
  • Silent Squeeze Technology
  • Rubber over Molded Grip


We have come to the end this review, if you came this far, chances are that you have seen a caulking gun that you like if so, you should go for them, as you are sure to get quality, and also the value of your money.