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Due to the rapid expansion of our business, we are looking to hire more people who are gifted and qualified to occupy the lucrative position of content writer/marketer at our organization.

At Zymer Nation, we’ve made it easy for content writers to work remotely from their home or anywhere else they choose, provided they get the job done in a timely manner as at when due with minimal supervision.

As a content writer/content marketer at Zymer Nation, you’d be required to carry out effective keyword research, and then determine what kind of content to publish based on the outcome of your research on this site or any of our client’s website assigned to you in a way that will attract more visitors and business both to us and our clients.

This is going to be a permanent and full time job position with the freedom to work from your home.

However, it’s important to note that despite giving our writers the freedom to work remotely from home or anywhere else they choose, we always maintain strict standards when it comes to the quality of content that will be published on the websites that will be assigned to you.

An Ideal candidate for this position MUST possess the following:

1. Polished writing and editing skills

2. A team player

3. Self motivated and ability to get the job done without supervision

4. Excellent collaboration skills

5. Proven experience managing and leading others, as well as…

6. Being a good problem solver.


As a content writer at Letters Inc., you will be saddled with the following responsibilities:

1. Performance of Keyword Research…

2. Writing and Curating of Unique, Helpful and Original contents that will rank high in Search engines based on the keyword research performed…

3. Proofreading new and existing contents to ensure they’re free from grammatical and spelling errors…

4. Publishing of written content, 1 to 3 times per day on sites assigned to you or on a verified social media handle as directed from Mondays to Fridays…

5. And any little content related task that may pop up from time to time such as creating content for email newsletter, Facebook and Google ads, short downloadable books, etc.


This job opportunity comes with a competitive monthly salary, provided you’re willing to prove your worth.

Starting Salary: $84,000 Yearly.

Depending on your performance, your salary would be reviewed every year, and could be as much as $110,000 or more per year.

Other perks that comes with this position includes…

1 Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

2. Paid Time Off (up to 3 months). We give employees the time they need for vacation, to stay healthy, and to spend time with friends and family.

3. Reimbursements for training that helps you improve on the job…

4. We happily provide or reimburse software you’ll need

5. Custom Branded laptop at your three-year anniversary.

6. Paid Travel Expenses to conferences and seminars within and outside Nigeria for job enhancement…

7. Promotion and regular Salary Increment…


How to Apply

You can apply for this position by filling the application form below on this page.


After your application, expect to go through a preliminary writing test on a particular topic that will help us accurately determine the level of your writing skills. This writing test will serve as an Official Interview, and will give us tremendous insights about what we need to know about you with respect to this job.

Also keep in mind that your job application will be declined or accepted based on the your performance during the test.

Job Type

This is a Full-time, Permanent job position.

Work Days: Mondays to Fridays

Location: Remote. You can work from home if that’s more convenient for you.


Here’s The Form to Apply For This Job